Seeking clarification surrounding SSO and Tulip

Two questions regarding SSO and Tulip which so far I could not get answered either through support or the knowledge base, hence reaching out via the forum here…

  1. With SSO enabled, is Tulip able to auto-login users based on their active Windows user session without re-entering their username and password?

  2. With SSO enabled, is it possible to pass additional user information to Tulip, e.g. a special attribute that is used to populate one of the custom user fields in the user table?

Hey Sebastian,

  1. Not that I am aware of, although this would be a great feature request. There could be some other opportunities here for connecting to specific Stations by Windows user too.

  2. From what I can see, you can only map things like Badge ID, Role, Workspace, and Name. You could probably hack this by putting a suffix on the value in the Badge ID or Name and referencing that in the apps. Not great.