Enable SAML/SSO and be able to manage Operator with Badge Access

We plan to activate SSO authentication and SAML user management.
Unfortunately, after enable this feature, we will not be able to create manually operator with badge access authentication.
For some use case, with shared PC/ station for example, SSO authentication is not possible, operator is authenticated with badge.
At platform level, we would like to manage user with SSO authentication and without SSO.
Is it plan to implement this feature?

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Hi Nicolas-
Welcome to Community! There is a way to configure Tulip so that badge access will still work with SSO. If you are working with the Tulip Customer Team they will be able to help, if not I recommend filing a support request when you are ready.

Hi Pete
Thanks for your quick reply.
I have see on Tulip Resource that when I enable the SAML it is possible to keep some operator with badge access by contacting my Customer Team.
That fine for existing operator, however when I will activate SAML, buttom “Create User” disappear, how I will create new operator with badge access?

Hi Nicolas,

I wanted to quickly summarize the final result of this discussion: When you enable SAML on your instance, the only decision you can take is whether all your operators are logging in via badge ID or all are login in via SAML. Unfortunately, we currently don’t support an individual login decision for each operator.

Kind Regards,