Tulip server Communication failure - causing data storage failure

If a communications failure occurs while sending data from the app to Tulip Servers, it doesn’t seem like there is any notification or error log that can indicate that data was not saved to a table. Is there?

Looks like this was asked already here: Notifications for Offline Machines

Hi @aharris,

Thanks for the question. Do you have any insight into the cause of the communication failure (ie. internet outage, corrupted data, etc). The Tulip platform handles and reports data failures differently depending on the source of them.

For example, if an app is running on a Player device at a Station and there is an internet outage, the operator will typically get an error message that the data was unable to be transmitted. This error remains on the Player Device because it is unable to connect to the Tulip Instance running in the cloud. At this time, we do not have an offline mode to support cacheing and retransmitting this data.

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