Offline Feature

An option should be made available to operate Tulip offline so Production does not have to stop. This way at a later point admins could upload data whenever the connection is restored.

There are use cases when a site can have outages due number of reasons (e.g. service provider, hardware,etc).

Jorge Jimenez

Hi Jorge,

I’m really curious about this use case. can you tell me how often an internet or wi-fi outage happens? When’s the last time internet went down? was it planned or unplanned? and how long was it out?

and were some workers still busy during the outage? or was the site effectively shut down?


Hi Sam,

Two scenarios that come to mind, one is for a customer we supported recently that started to use Tulip and they have told me there are areas at the mfg site where wi-fi is a problem so there are times when they loose connectivity during work hours making it difficult for operators to perform day to day activities inside of Tulip. Second scenario I’m thinking of is within large corporations with big IT groups. I used to work for a company that had a PLM system that from time to time was down due IT quarter maintenance, hindering the ability of operators to access work instructions over the weekends so an offline option during this time was made available.

We can meet if needed to talk more about this topic.

Jorge Jimenez

Thanks for providing the context. This is something we get occasionally requests for, but is technically challenging to implement, so it tends to get prioritized behind other work. I created ticket PLAT-10579, for reference. It’s in a place where it won’t get lost, but it’s also behind about 8 other major work items to improve the Tulip Player, to try to manage expectations on timeline.