Tulip table header filter

hi sir,

thank you for quick answers. i am enjoying working on the tulip.

I have created a tulip table with header id, defects1, defects 2, defects 3, etc…

I want to filter out these with respect to defect 1 defect 2.

Could you please help me with that?
I have built an app and now I am generating some dummy data. I would like to show these with interactive visualization effects. Please share a link to any table data visualization topics.


Hey @Ganesha -

What are the chances you can sign up for one of the Office Hours sessions I host? We can walk through building this together-
Tulip Office Hours (North America) | Tulip.

If this time doesn’t work, I also run new user sessions twice a week-
Tuesday 10AM EST - Meet - New User Office Hours

Thursday 4PM EST - Meet - New User Office Hours

Table visualizations


hello Pete,

Would you have any recorded sessions? if any please do share links.
it would be difficult to attend the session on Thursday. Tuesday session ii can attend.

thank you.

Hey @Ganesha -

We do record these sessions and send out to participants. We don’t post these publically for 2 reasons:

  1. These are open-ended meetings where any question can be asked, the chances your question will come up during office hours is meager. The value of Office Hours is being able to get your particular question asked
  2. I want to make sure the participants of office hours arent concerned to share what they are working on, publishing recordings might impact this.


hi Pete,

no problem, I will attend Tuesday’s session. today’s session i will try as i residing in India it is midnight. will see how it goes.

thank you

ignore it. i got it know

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