Tulip Term Glossary

This might be simplistic, but as I have been learning Tulip I find myself memorizing a lot of jargon. As someone who barely codes in VBA, seeing terms like “modal”, “boolean”, and “aggregation” slows me down. These are of course the correct terms for these things, but a high level glossary (literally a sentence) for each of these would be awesome for new folks who need a reference. I looked for an article like that both here and in the Knowledge Base and I couldn’t find one.

Other terms for non-coders:
Record Placeholder
Station (and how a station differs from a user)


Hey @TechnicallyKatie -

Might be simplistic, but this is an amazing ask! I am actively doing a lot of work to revamp the knowledgebase and I have run into this gap too. Thankfully this is something coming with that new knowledgebase (along with a lot more). There is an existing document that attempts to solve this problem, but it could use an update:

Sorting this information by parts of the product along with linking out to other documentation about each term is where we are going.

Keep the ideas coming!

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I don’t usually vote on feature requests but this has come up three times in the last week outside of Community.

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Thanks for the quick responses! The Glossary of Tulip terms is definitely the style I was thinking of. Adding in terms used in trigger logic (dynamic, loop, etc.) would be a welcome addition.