Use Case: Production Tracking

Am I making the right stuff at the right time to meet my schedule and demand?

If you are answering “No” or “I don’t know” to this question, then this use case will be a great Tulip application for you!

(Below is a summary, but you can check out the full article with more details here:
Production Tracking Use Case)

Production tracking is the ability to understand execution of a schedule in real time . It can allow you to gain insights by focusing on materials, orders, inventory, WIP, or batches/lots

Digital methods of production tracking have a low barrier to entry and a high impact on operations. Real time data is not possible with paper based systems and it can be time consuming to get the same data you can capture instantly with Tulip.

How to get started:

To get started with this use case, you will need to understand Tulip Tables and Completion records and Analytics. If you are familiar with those concept, here are 5 simple steps to follow:

  1. Determine and prioritize your objectives. What goals do you want to hit for your KPIs?

  2. Log the current state of operation.

  3. Identify the stakeholders involved.

  4. Create a minimally viable product that you can refine and iterate on. Start with a simple app that includes solely critical features. Some examples you can start with include:

    • Real-time status and location of work orders
    • Quantities completed and scrapped on work order
    • Unit-level traceability of serialized and non-serialized components in assemblies and subassemblies.
    • Real-time visibility into non-conformances logged and accelerated resolution to mitigate future NCs and scraps
    • Logs of line stoppages data and reasons for them (e.g. due to material shortages, equipment failures, etc.)
  5. Decide how you want to visualize and digest Production Tracking data.

Below are Tulip Library templates you may find helpful / inspirational

You can import these Library apps into your own Tulip Instance and use them as a starting point for your own applications!

This is a Tulip Library fully functional app that shows Work Order tracking in action Order Tracking Functional Example | Frontline Operations Platform

Questions? Additional Ideas? Have you applied this Use Case yourself and want to share an example? Reply below!