Using "Is In" and "Is Not In" Filters Bug

There is a bug when using the “Is In” and “Is Not In” filters.

I have a table called curriculums that has a linked record field (many-to-many) called Work Instructions.

The idea is when creating a new record in the Curriculums table, the user can add or remove Work Instructions to and from the Curriculum record.

I have two queries created in the Work Instructions Table, one using the “Is In” filter and one using the “Is Not In” filter.

In the app, I have embedded the two table queries seen below:

However, both tables show no values in either table until there is at least one linked record:

Once I link the first record, then the table filters act as they should:

I believe there is a bug where the filters do not work for “Is In” or “Is Not In” until there is at least one linked record in the array.

Can someone take a look into this for me?