Using Vision to Track Inventory Moving through your Operation

I wanted to be able to track products as they move through the facility and even transact the inventory from location to location … but I didn’t want to have to scan anything. We recently released vision and I thought I’d play with an idea. You know those table number stands at restaurants? You order your food and they give you this thing you bring to your table. The server can see your number and they bring you your food.

What if we could do something like that, but with “Jigs” in vision? Turns out it is very simple, kudos to the Tulip engineers who built this new feature! I made an example application (will be loaded into Library) that uses this concept:

Mount a camera to your ceiling and have carts or fixtures that carry your product. When you put your product on the cart, assign the serial number to it. This is the “license plate” concept that is common in manufacturing. Create regions that link to inventory locations and let the magic happen! Super simple, transactionless inventory tracking.

Now I’m really interested in the idea of using this to calculate cell output, lead time, WIP, etc.
What do you think?