Why does TOTEXT add quotes?

Why does the TOTEXT function add quotes around what it is converting? i.e. @Variable.Test → String but TOTEXT(@Variable.Test) → “String”. I’m creating a JSON payload that can’t have extra quotes laying around so I have to then substitute those quotes out

Can you share a screnshot of the trigger and the result?
It does not add quotes in my sample:


Hi @thorsten.langner,
Here is what I see:


Hi @Gary,

seems to me, that this behaviour is applied, when you try to make something a text, when it already is a text.

So what are you using “TOTEXT()” for in this context?

Btw.: You can use @App Info.Step Name + '' istead of TOTEXT(@App Info.Step Name) as well. This will not add any quotes. This technique is working most of the times (not so when trying to textify e.g. object lists).

I was originally using the TOTEXT function as a way to eliminate NULLs, but I’ve since found the LINK function that is more appropriate to use