Ability to change email address associated with account

Our company changed the top-level domain, so for each of our users, we need to invite them with the new email address, then delete their old user. It would be easier if we could change the email associated with the account, but keep the same account intact. Thanks!

Hey Neil, I am a product manager at Tulip and want to help with this. To make sure I understand, do the old email addresses auto forward emails to the new email addresses? Just to make sure nothing breaks in the short term.

Hi Kevin. Yes, both email addresses work currently, so we can use both, but we are going through a process on all our online platforms, and changing the email addresses associated with the accounts.

Got it. I will review this with our engineering team. We probably will not make an improvement to this in the next 6 months, unfortunately. In the next 6 months, when it comes to user management, we are focusing on more options for SSO, username/password for operator roles, and more!

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