Add a javascript/add-on block

Hey All,

A thought that struck me the other day - Wouldn’t it be awesome if Tulip had a block that you could drop into an app that is highly flexible in a more traditional programming language so the functionality of tulip can be expanded specifically for our use case by our developers.

Think what VBA is to excel. You can do most things in the excel formula line, but vba is a larger learning curve that has a ton off added fuctionality.

Right now the process for getting new functionality in Tulip is requesting it here and hoping it becomes a future project. I’d rather be able to make a hacky version myself and when tulip see the value in the functionality they can add it nativly for other customers. Beyond that, there are just some use cases that we have that others may not, so tulip developing them wouldnt be a logical use of their time and it wont ever be functionality we get.

Another example is the chrome app store. Everyone doesnt need to be able to inspect the xpath of web elements, so chrome doesnt include it in their standard toolkit, but someone saw the value and made a tool on top of that in the form of an add-on that added that functionality.

Just an idea,


I have to agree with you Peter. This would be an excellent addition. The use cases for this when it comes down to highly customized UI, making API calls (which obviously connectors do already), and running loops without changing steps are definitely there. I think it gives us more tools in our toolbox.


Bumping this to make it relevant again.