Add ability to send a Record Placeholder into a custom widget

It would be nice to be able to send a record placeholder into a widget as an input type. The custom widget won’t necessarily know the shape, but that’s okay - Tulip could send the placeholder in as just an object:

    key1: value1
    key2: value2

This would save you from having to break out the record and send everything in as individual fields, and it would allow the placeholder to be more dynamic.

You can send an Object list with key and value pairs:

Have you tried to fit a Reckord Placeholder into that structure? I Used this for another application and never tried fitting a record placeholder into it.

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@wz2b Thanks for the request! As @thorsten.langner mentioned, you can pass record placeholders in by using an object parameter. In the app editor you can then map the columns of the placeholder into the custom widget prop (left are the CW props, right are the placeholder columns):

We’d like to extend this so you can pass queries in to arrays of objects, but that’s a bit further out.

Let me know if that handles what you were looking for!

Close but I didn’t want to map a record to inputs in the custom widget, I wanted to pass in the entire record placeholder so that the custom widget would be dynamic.

Dont you feed the Placeholder with a record by a trigger?
Use the same trigger to hand this to an Object.
I know its a workaround but it’s as dynamic as if you would use the Placeholder itself.

The Product Suggestion to direktly use the Placeholder is still valid, but you can’t do this yet…