Add Column Gateway Type

It is necessary to have a column since some apps depend on gateways, and if it is damaged it is necessary to change all the logic of the triggers associated with that gateway, if we save it in a column it is easier to identify that assigned gateway and also easy to configure in the triggers.

Hi Carlos, thanks for writing this suggestion - do you mind expanding upon what you mean by gateway (are you referring to API gateway) how you would use this gateway column? I just want to make sure we understand the request fully!

If you have an example of the problem you are running into by not having the gateway column, that could be helpful as well

Hello Beth,

In this example, I have an app that controls two devices through a gateway for each device.

All these triggers interact with the gateway in this way.

My request is if it’s possible to use a variable or load the gateway ID from a column in the table to update all these triggers by only modifying one piece of data (variable or column in the table).

The issue right now is that if a gateway breaks down, I have to modify all the triggers because the ID has changed.

It’s time-consuming, and in production, it causes downtime due to Tulip.


Thanks for the details, Carlos! I understand the request better now. We will look into this.

Another question for you - how often is your gateway breaking?