Add labels on charts in Dashboard

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How can I add labels in the charts created in the Dashboard section in order to have a better understanding of the KPIs?

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Matteo Morosin
QA Manager Smith Optics

Hi @matteo.morosin, my understanding is that adding labels in the areas you’ve highlighted is not possible at the moment. If you’d like to share more about what you’d like to see in this area, please feel free to turn this into a product suggestion. I’ll tag in @stefan here in case there’s any additional insight our product team can provide here.

Hi John, Thank you for your reply.
Like in Excel, I would like to see the values of the columns over the columns.

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How can I switch this into a product suggestion?

I just changed this to a product suggestion and adjusted the title to match the new format. In the meantime, we recently release a few features for editing the formatting of analytics and dashboards. Check out these and see if any will help support your use-case in the meantime.