Specify X-Axis Labels for Y=0 Categories

I think it would be helpful for dashboard analytic charts to be able to specify “placeholder” X-axis labels for categories that might have y=0. As an example this could facilitate visualization of non-productive sites or workstations, or parts inventory at a zero level that require replenishment. Current behavior (LTS 8.2 albeit) seems to be that if y=0 then the x-axis label disappears.

I’ve tried to trick the analytic into displaying additional x-axis labels by making the analytic include data from ALL TIME but then filter to just the current day, but this has the same result with the y=0 x-axis labels disappearing.

Hey @jmlowden, thanks for reaching out about this.

We have been thinking about this recently. I’d be interested in learning more about how you would expect this to be set up and how it would exactly behave.

Would you be up for a quick chat about it? In that case, shoot me a short email to stefan(at)tulip.co and we can set up a short meeting.


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