Adding Users to Multiple Workspaces

I am working on a Tulip instance with 3 different workspaces. Unless I’m misreading, the Tulip docs (Workspace Configurations and Settings) seem to indicate that I should be able to add non-“Account Owner” users to multiple workspaces with different levels of access, but my attempts to do so have been unsuccessful.

When I open the user’s profile, I only see the option to select a single workspace. When I look at the “Roles” tab and go to “Assign” for a given role, I see checkboxes that make me believe I should be able to select multiple workspaces for the user but that doesn’t seem to work either. If I do attempt to grant the user another role in a different workspace from the “Roles” tab, it appears to give them that role and remove roles in other workspaces which is not what I’m trying to do. It occurred to me to go to the Workspace Settings to attempt to add the user, but all I see is a message that the “user is not part of this workspace” with no option to add them.

Am I doing something incorrectly, is there a known bug, or is this not a feature that is available on the platform yet?

Hi @cpuzzo, sorry you’re having trouble with this.

I’ve checked with our support team and this looks to be a bug. It’s a problem we’re aware of and there’s a fix being planned now. We can circle back when this is resolve. Thanks for flagging with us!

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Thanks for looking in to this! Do you have an estimate on how long it might be before the fix is implemented/available?

Looks like we’re hoping to release a point release in the next few days, as soon as tonight. I’ll check back with the support team and let you know when it’s implemented.

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Hi @cpuzzo just wanted to follow-up and see if this is working?

Hi @John - I just went in and tried again, but I encountered what appears to be the same issue.

Thanks, @cpuzzo let me check with the team and see if there isn’t something else going on.