Change workspaces without being an account owner for training/testing

I would like the ability for users outside of the account owner to use multiple workspaces. Right now we have multiple workspaces for work sites as was as a global/training workspace. It would be helpful if we could give users the ability to switch between an active environment and a training environment. This would help us develop without overloading an active workspace with practice/test apps when a citizen developer also needs to use the active workspace. One issue I see is the Tulip Player switching workspaces.

Hi Jeremy,

Welcome to the Tulip Community!

I am checking with the team to see what I can find for you! I’'ll get back to you shortly :slight_smile:

Hi @Jeremy.B - good news is we have a feature flag that should allow you to do this! I put in a support request to turn on this feature for your Tulip instance.

This should be active now - let us know if this resolves the issue :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Beth. I appreciate your help.

No problem! Don’t hesitate to reach out on Community or pop by Office Hours in the future with any other questions that come up