App automatically logging out

I have an application that cycles through 4 different dashboards every 30 seconds. However, since I deployed it to the floor yesterday, it was logged out this morning, and just as I am leaving today I see that it is logged out again. Why would this be occurring, and how can I modify the behavior to never log out?

Hi @RDuke, this is an interesting one. Happy to help you troubleshoot this. Would you be comfortable sharing a screenshot of the trigger logic you’re using to cycle through the dashboards?

I have a Boolean checkbox for users to click if they do not want it to cycle through (ie if we need to talk through a certain dashboard). If the Boolean = Yes, it will go to the next dashboard. In each “step” of the dashboards, I am calling the next dashboard by name.

I’ve also submitted a support request ticket for this (TS-9298).