Restart App on User Logout

Is there a way to restart an application when the user logs out? I have an application that displays different data based on the user location (a custom field) and I can’t control what the user sees currently because a log out does not cause the app to restart. The other side of this issue is that when a user logs in it does not trigger an On Step Enter event, so I can’t catch the user change on that front either.

Edit: To be clear, I’m using a variable to filter the table. I’m storing the User Location in that variable On Step Enter

Hey @Ethan

Right now there isn’t, but there there is currently a feature request for this in the works. I added a link to this thread to that ticket. Right now it hasn’t been scoped, so I am unsure when we could expect this feature to go-live.

Thanks for the idea,

Thanks for the quick response Pete. Is there any way currently to reliably limit users accessing certain data within a table within the scenario I described?

Hey @Ethan

This is how I would recommend doing this (assuming you want to be constantly checking their permissions). You could also run this logic on step enter if there are just specific steps you want certain users to not be allowed on:

  1. Create a timer trigger on the master layout

  2. In this trigger, check one of the user table fields, in this case I am using the Skill Level Field to determine if someone is allowed in this application

  3. if they arent TRAINED, then log them back out, but you could throw a message and force them back to a home screen, send an email etc.

NOTE: I am using the user table, which only Admins and Account owners can access. You could also manage this in a normal table if that is an issue.

Thanks Pete, I think that will work for now. I think this scenario will be a niche case. I’ll update this thread if this doesn’t pass our business security review