Workspaces & Custom User Fields Bug

I discovered a very specific bug related to workspaces. I have “Account Owner” status, which I believe is the reason that I don’t seem to belong to any workspace in particular. Whatever the reason is, when I look at Custom User Fields table, I’m not on the list. I have a custom field that is operator location. There are numerous places in the app where I’m using this custom field to dictate logic. Because I don’t have a custom user field (location) multiple points in the app no longer work for me. Some triggers threw an error when they didn’t execute properly but other triggers, like one in a series of events that occur On Step Enter didn’t throw any kind of error, just every trigger after the trigger containing the reference to custom field didn’t work.

To be clear, regular Operators or Viewers don’t have the problem.

Hopefully this helps anyone else avoid this problem, it took a while to figure out what was going on!

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Hi @Ethan ,
We have made a note here and will be working to identify a fix here!


@Het sounds good! Thanks

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