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The Custom User Fields has been a very powerful tool. It would be extremely helpful to have the Users Custom Fields in alphabetical order and/or a search bar available. The employees Badge ID will be used for RFID Scanners. When an employee loses their badge, they receive a new Badge ID number. This new Badge ID number will need to be updated in the Users Custom Fields. Currently, scrolling through the Custom Fields pages to update employee Badge ID numbers is very time consuming.

Thanks for sharing this Judy! Is there a reason that your team is using a separate text field for the Badge ID data rather than the native Badge ID field (shown below)?


Delta is using the native Badge ID field for the Employee Number.

The Badge ID Number is associated with the employee identification card.

The Badge ID Number changes every time an employee loses their badge, which is frequent.

The Employee Number never changes.

It would have been easier to have used the native field for the badge number.

Maybe we could have a search bar included in the Custom Fields?


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I would like to add that you can also embed an Interactive Table (including the Users Table) into your App and add Sorting there:

Ahhh I understand now. Yes, we need to add this search bar to normal Tables as well so that you can search all types of Tables by a certain value!

We will probably implement both of those at the same time - search in normal Tables and User Table- so will update this thread when we have a planned release date for this.

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