Apps pending of approvals

Hello team,

it would be nice to have a place to see all the apps pending from approvals , who is pending to approve.

we know we get notifications when we need to approve but some times we forget to, and having a place to see it will help us a lot.

Hi @ChirristopherOficial,

We completely agree with you. While the notification by email is able to be addressed, it can be easy to forget about it, especially with a busy inbox or multiple apps that need review. Our approach to this is exploring a notification feed within your instance allowing you to manage the tasks that you need to take action on, including pending app approvals. More information to come.


Hi @matt.dumouchel Do you know if coming LTS 12 or 13 has any improvement about this?

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Hi Edgar, I am a product manager that works on these sorts of “scalability” problems. There is a couple different ways to solve this one- are you more interested in the user-centric side, like “what approvals do I personally need to complete?” Or more of the account overview component, like, “Which apps are in the pending approval state and how long have they been in that state?”

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Hi @kevin.kononenko
I think both situations are crucial for our operations. With over 300 apps currently deployed into our production instance, it is essential for developers to have visibility into all pending apps. This visibility is equally important for approvers. Additionally, implementing a recurring reminder email is considered essential.


I would hard second this, we have a similar setup for all our internal documentation, and this would not just be nice it is essential. Please add this feature.

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This is now resolved!! :tada:

With Release 280 - May 2024 - Apps that need approval will now appear in a new Pending approvals folder in the apps list. This makes it faster to find open approvals without having to search for them. This list can also be filtered to show approvals assigned to the current user