App Data (Approval Workflow)

Data is to assist in Creating a Change Control App and to monitor the App Approval Workflow process.

Inventory of Apps
All Apps in specific Instance/Folder.
Status (Dev/Published).
Version of Apps (this is currently available).
Apps that are in an Approval Workflow Status
Which approvals have been completed?
Who is next to approve?
Who is assigned to the Approvals?
When was this Approval Workflow started (date/time)?
Has a Snapshot of the App been completed?
Who created the Snapshot?
When was the Snapshot taken (date/time)?


This scenario is specifically to address the need to manage the complexity inherent in Medical Device assembly process that involve a complex medical device and related regulation. Currently the customer is forced to manage the “inventory” of apps in a spreadsheet in order to keep app updated if a bug is found or enhancement made. It would be nice if Tulip provided a way to manage this inventory of apps.

What Travis is trying to do is build an app to manage this inventory of apps.


Applications and Assets API can be very use full to connect to a lifecycle platform as Jira

Hello @Travis.Rice & @youri.regnaud,

Thanks for posting!

Just to confirm I’m understanding this correctly, would making additional contextual app information (Version, Approval Status, Next Approval, etc.) available from the App Info menu allow you to track the apps way you’d like to?

My thought is that you can then store this data in a Table on app completion or otherwise instead of maintaining a separate spreadsheet. Let me know and we can communicate it with the team if so!




Yes, I believe having this available would enable what we specifically have in mind to be accomplished.

Hello @Travis.Rice,

OK, thanks for the confirmation. I have sent this information forward to our engineering team and we’ll keep you posted with updates.



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