Management of Change apps or group of apps

Has anyone developed a series of apps to control and document change in an organization? Example: making and engineering change to a product.

Currently we use and excel sheet where a change request is made then sent to various departments for signoff and implementation. Add in extensive email chains followed by in person meetings to discuss details with the entire group. This creates a significant amount of waste and the delay in making changes is extreme.

I have seen different modules from various software companies that manage this process to make collaborative in nature yet target only the affect players. With the addition of various gates/signoffs to control the flow, it is a lite version of project management software.


Hey Mike! Welcome to the Tulip community!

This idea is definitely do-able in Tulip. In a way, it isn’t very much unlike the workflows that would occur in response to a defect, for example.
There is standard and non-standard routing that might take place for one of these events or “MRB tickets”. It should be reviewed, dispositioned, reworked/scrapped, etc. Ultimately, all we are talking about is a Tulip table record that represents an element as it passes through stages.
The history of this element can be recorded, its routing can be prescribed or changed dynamically, and responsible parties can require some form of confirmation at critical checkpoints.
To top it off, you’d have dashboards generated showing your bottlenecks and throughput (as well as notifications). Also, people could use their mobile devices to sign off on certain checkpoints or review and escalate items.

We have some models for workflow management in our library (work order tracking, for example, has some of these fundamental building blocks). It would be really fun to help you with this. The best thing about Tulip is that once you are comfortable using the tool you can adapt it to basically any process you can imagine, so really all you would need to get started is an example of how these sorts of workflow-type tables can operate and the rest is whatever you want to do with it!

Let me know if you want some guidance or to check out some of our library content.