Activity History Should show Text and Image Changes

Although there is currently no rev control unless an app is published, the Tulip Activity History should record any changes to text and images. It should also show if steps have been added, deleted or the order changed. Basically anything besides minor formatting, (ie changing font size, moving an image or text box on accident), should be recorded in the Activity History, with what changed, who changed it, and when. Currently the activity history only shows when an app title changes, when an operators privileges have been changed or when an app is officially published.

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Hey James, I am a product manager at Tulip. This is a great point, and definitely something we want to offer in the near future.

We are thinking about doing this within the app publishing process itself- the feature is temporarily called “App Version Diffs”.

Basically, whenever you publish a new version, you will be able to clearly see the differences between that version and the previous version before an approver successfully approves the app.

That way, text and image changes are shown in context of the app. Would that accomplish the goal?


It would be important to be able to see who changed what and when. The problem I am having is that I am technically the one who is supposed to make changes and decisions in the work instruction process, but our approval process to publish the “official” version of an app is so slow that operators have to continue using a development version of the app. The development version can be changed by many people on any number of pages at any time but I am held accountable. This is a problem because I need others to have access to edit the work instructions, but I need to be able to easily see who did what to what page and when it happened. As of now I can review a live work instruction to check for accuracy and another slide in the same work instruction can be changed before I finish reviewing and I wouldn’t know it.

Totally agreed with all these concerns. Alongside App Version Diffs, we also want to build a better app publishing workflow so that people within your company can be notified that new versions need to be reviewed.

Would it be okay if I reached out to you in December or January to discuss this? That is when I will be scoping these features.

Very interesting topic here Kevin, is it too early to get some insight ?
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Hi Patxi,

We have been putting our energy into a new centralized Approval Management tool. This would help with keeping track of approvals as your comapny/partners scale up.

Is that interesting as well? We are going to come back to App Diffs after we release some improvements around approvals first.

Great :+1: I’m looking forward for both features :slight_smile:

Hi Tulip Team,
Do you have any update on this request? I have a similar requirement where we want to want to track the activities on the Development version of the app.