Being able to publish a snapshot or another version of an app


As it is currently today Admin is able to publish only a development version of an app. I would like to have a possibility to publish any given snapshot of the app, or an already published version.
In both cases there should be a clear trace from which snapshot/version the latest version is published from.
For example: publishing a new version would have a trace/comment/link clearly identifying which snapshot/version it is published from.

This improvement would:

  1. save time to restore a given snapshot/version into a development version and then publishing that development version.
  2. currently we need to document (capturing video) of restoring a verified snapshot/version and publishing it, so it is clear for the approvers that the app sent into approval flow is actually the one that has been verified. All that documentation would be irrelevant if the improvement suggestion is implemented.


Good idea HCEH!

This would also be useful in my use case at a company of >30 people. Right now I’m still in the design phase and publishing regularly. Once we go live I imagine I’ll be doing more “snapshots” since I’ll need approvals to publish a new version of the app.

If I release something with a bug that stops work in production, I need to be able to revert back to a stable version ASAP. I imagine I would probably just create new steps and copy the old stable version’s steps onto the currently published app, but that would be tedious and leave room for errors.

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Hey Guys!

This is a great idea. The app validation flow is a little limited mostly for a lack of a better way to visualize this traceability. I wrote up a request for this, it would be great if you could see app versions in more of a flow-based visualization.



Hi Pete.

This diagram is exactly what is on our wishlist. I have a similar one.



Right on. I will add this detail to the Feature Request.

I also wrote a feature request to add “Restored from snapshot” item to the instance activities log. Normally this is how traceability is maintained outside of a specific app version with its approvals.


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