Track or Report Differences Between Version X to Version Y

Hi Tulip Community, I’m, looking if is possible to track the changes between the versions of a published app, I need to know what change between the version, per example if a trigger was modify, new variable added, or an step was deleted, this because I work for a regulated industrie in some point it will be ease to show what change form version to version, to have evidence of the change

Hi Adolfo,

This is a feature that is planned for this year (someone from Tulip can correct me if this has been delayed).

As someone who works in the life sciences industry, I would recommend:

  1. Ensuring you have test procedures in place to verify application function, and re-executing them as needed to ensure software still functions correctly
  2. Keeping applications simple, to allow lighter testing (many apps can function well with <5 main steps, and a few modals at most).
  3. Keeping your tests specific to your intended use, and exercising a risk-based approach to validation to identify the features of each app that are key to protecting product safety/efficacy, and focusing your testing on those features.
  4. Hold developers to robust communication standards, with clear explanation of what changed from version to version and, again, re-execute testing to verify the correct function of those features.

@AdolfoZamora Yes as @David2 mentioned, we are working on this capability now. If you are willing, we would love to have a call to learn more about your specific needs. If that sounds valuable, please set up a meeting here.

@David2 This offer stands for you as well :slight_smile:

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@pete Sure, I can sit down with you. I will be flat out until ~May 20th, but afterwards can review whatever your team has drafted, or contribute some user stories for some specific features that we would use.

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