Approvals - Adding groups with preset user pools

Hello Tulip Team,

We have a strong need for rapid deployment of approvals within Tulip. Current approvals have been sufficiently tested and corresponding business work flows have been established. With the go-ahead to rollout approvals to all production used applications (~150 applications) we are in need of a method to rapidly deploy approvals across these applications.

There are multiple approval groups which we use for the test applications that need to be duplicated throughout the remainder of our in-production applications. These groups encompass engineering, new product, and numerous manufacturing teams. Each group is required to provide a single approval to publish an application.

Using current methods of approvals, each group and correspondingly each potential approver (about 5 per group) will need to be added to EACH application manually. This process would take upwards of an entire day to complete the rollout to all applications. Furthermore, should a team member need to be added or removed, then each application would have to be individually updated. What we require is a more effective way of applying and maintaining approvals. We suggest that under the approvals section, the group members are able to be added here. This would allow for simple activation of approval under the application without the need to add a single user at a time.

Please let me know if you require more information or have questions.


Hi Matt!

Thanks for the detailed write up. This is an example that demonstrates the clear need for user groups. We have been looking at this for awhile and it’s something we would like to roll out this year, but we cannot give any specific timelines as of yet. In the meantime, we would love to talk more about it with you to make sure we understand the full details of your needs. Feel free to book a call if you are interested.

Hi Pete - Thanks for meeting with me. In addition to my previous note, I would also like to include one more suggestion.

In an attempt to avoid approvals sitting in queue for too long, could we please add either an escalation or reminder function.

Escalation would entail if not approved for x days then notification would go directly to specific person (i.e. Supervisor/Manager).

Reminder would be everyday something sits awaiting approval an email blast to the approver groups gets sent.

Both of these would greatly help with ensuring a robust approval process.