Array info on completion tab

Is there an easy way to save the info from an array in the completions tab?

I’m trying to do some testing and eventually need to be able to pull the info from the variables in an analytic. I’m assuming that I would need to ‘pop’ out different indexes from the array to save them individually before the completion?

The array only has one variable in it.

hello @DewyWCI, thanks for posting!!

to help us troubleshoot, could you let us know how the Array is being created in this App and can you confirm it’s populated with data at the time of Completion??

in this example, I stored the returned Object from a Connector Function as a Variable
Screen Shot 5
and it is accessible in the Completions and Analytics:

thanks again for posting


They were auto populated within a trigger when I created the variable (Only added the name).


I’m also running into a problem where every time the app changes steps or completes the IntelD415 is knocked offline and has to retry which doesn’t always work as well.
One problem at a time though!

OK, thanks for clarifying @DewyWCI.

and have you tried changing the OCR_Outputs to a Variable, rather than an Array?? furthermore, if you display the Variable in the App, do you see values in the Variable??

if you could submit a new question for the camera issue our Vision team can help solve that.


Ill change the outputs to a variable and test. I edited the reply above to show that there is something in the output of the OCR but its not saving as an array.

Thanks Gio!

OK, thanks for the update @DewyWCI!!

let us know if you’re able to access the information in the Variable in the Completions once you make this change.

. The output (OCR_Out_NonArray) is no longer listed as an array.

Still not showing up in the completions tab though. If I were to make an analytic i can only guess that it would show Null as the row indicates for the variable?


Still no luck. Even the variable Loop_Input (Boolean) is not saving at the end of the completion.

OK, thanks for the update @DewyWCI. could you send an email to with a link to the App you’re experiencing this on so the team can follow up there??


You bet I can!

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