Auto adjust the font size of text to fit Text Box boundaries

Request for a feature that will size text to fit within the bounds of a text box. Similar to how the analytics text adjusts its font size when adjusting the size of the element’s boundaries.

This would be useful to us when using dynamic text bases on the needs of the user. For example, our apps are multi-lingual. Based on the user preferences we can write several different languages to the text variables in our apps. In many cases the translation will have additional characters and the text will be cut off. Over-sizing the boxes to try to account for this hinders the design layout and UI of the app.

Hey @Jeff

This is a great idea, I have run into this too in the past. We are in the final stages of development for a new feature that would enable this functionality (along with a ton more).

That feature is slated for r223, which should be released in about a month (r221 is the current version, we release a version every 2 weeks).

I will add this to the list of examples for us to make in the coming weeks so when that feature is released you have a reference on how to do this on day 1.

As a followup - Can you think of any other features you would like with text boxes, or other widgets?

Thanks for the great idea - Keep em coming!

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