Option to auto adjust text size to fit box (and eliminate wrapping)

It would be nice to be able to have the option to auto-scale the font size in a text box (more specifically a variable or table record) to eliminate wrapping when desired. I don’t know how many times I’ve used a variable or table record to display some text only to find the last portion of the text cut off because the box wasn’t long enough and/or the font was too big. For static text this is obviously not an issue, but if string length will vary, it’d be nice to have it auto adjust (maybe to a max font size?) without needing to set up triggers to control string length (which I haven’t tested but I’m assuming is somewhat possible using LEN() in an expression) - even then, different characters are different sizes so this isn’t foolproof either. Not sure how feasible this is, but it sure would be helpful!


Hi Bryan,
We could definitely be doing a better job of handling text that has a dynamic length. Scaling the font size is fairly tricky and not generally in line with how we handle dynamic content elsewhere, so I’m inclined to explore other solutions if they would work. This is what we’re currently considering, I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on:

  • Allowing the variable container to be scrollable (length and / or width wise)
  • Allowing the variable container to be resizable by the user
  • The current behavior where tapping the box expands the container to reveal the rest of the text
  • Similar to the current behavior, but being able to customize the variable container to always be expanded

I think for the use case I’m talking about, the fourth would be the most useful if I’m understanding correctly. The first 3 don’t really help much as it’s not text that’s critical enough that a user would bother to click on it, it’s more an issue of the text or app looking incomplete / unpolished as the string is just abruptly cut off and there is no indication that more text exists unless you click on it.

Thanks. In that case, would an indication that more text exists be useful? Something like “…” that would let operators know to tap / resize the container?

I could see that being a nice addition, yeah.