Large Text Box Font Size Display Issues on iOS

Hi, I believe there is a bug where any font size above 55 does not display correctly on iOS. The pictures below show a text box with a font size of 55, 56, then 80 respectively. Resizing the text box doesn’t fix the issue or change the text display. This affects both text boxes with linked variables and text boxes with linked record placeholder fields. It affects text and numerical input. It doesn’t affect date time input weirdly. Wondering if anyone has any work-arounds?

Related bug is that when clicking around text boxes the font size field for the widget won’t correctly update. (This was tested in Firefox and Chrome and does seem to be browser independent). If you click from one text box directly to the next this issue occurs. If you click on a text box, then click on nothing, so no widget is selected, then click on another text box, the issue does not occur.

hello @Ethan, thanks for posting!!

have you tried enabling the Multiple Lines setting for the input widget?? if the Input Widget is large enough, it will allow for the entire input to be displayed.

without Multiple Lines enabled:

with Multiple Lines enabled:

to enable this for an Input Widget, you can toggle the following:

let us know if this works for you!!

Oh, yes, sorry, forgot to say I was avoiding the multiple lines input because if a user accidentally presses return on the keyboard it looks as if the text disappears. That is, if you have a multi line setting on a text box that is actually sized for only one line. This isn’t critical for me, the size 55 font will work fine, this is just more of a bug alert. Is there a better place to send bugs that I don’t necessarily need fixed or a resolution to?

ahh, got it @Ethan!!

you can drop your suggestions into Product suggestions - Tulip Community and someone from our Product team will look into it. I have changed the category for this topic.