How to create scrollable uneditable text?

Is there a way to create viewable text, that you can scroll in without giving the user acces to edit the text. I’ve tried using the interactive table record with an invisible box on top, but I either can’t have the users scroll or they can scroll if the text is long, but still edit if the text is short. I’ve tried all the options under “Text”.

Please let me know if you have a workaround or if there is another way.


Hi @andreas.knudsen,

as far as I know there is only a Workaround:

  • create an Object Variable, containing a text variable:

  • then display that Object Variable and assign your text value to the Text Variable inside the Object.

  • then make the Lable Size the smallest (8) and the Label Color transparent (unless you want to show the Variable name or any Label inside the scrollbox)

This is what you get:



Thanks a lot Thorsten!