Auto-fullscreen upon startup

In an effort to minimize mouse-clicks opening Tulip, I would like to have the option/ability to add a switch to the Tulip shortcut that will allow us to open the app in fullscreen (ctrl+shift+F). I am having Tulip startup automatically upon a device restart and this would complete the automation side of it. Reason why this matters and would be helpful is…after a system update (weekly/monthly), device restarts and force closes app (which causes other issues when restarting app mid-step during a production cycle or cycles but that’s another story). When the device has restarted, logged in and automatically opens Tulip, the floor personnel would not have to worry about making app fullscreen (which is mandated). Small task but with multiple devices, adds up quickly. Should be something relatively quick/easy to add in but I understand it may not make the cut on priority.