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I have configured the Tulip Player to open automatically when I log in to my Laptop, is there a way to make the Player go to full-screen mode automatically? I know that I can configure the player window to maximize the screen but not make it Full Screen automatically.

Hey @Jhondy -

This is totally possible by setting the device environmental variable:


This can also be set with powershell commands:

# To set for the current windows user account
[Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("TULIP_PLAYER_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN", "true", "USER")

# To set for all windows accounts
[Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("TULIP_PLAYER_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN", "true", "MACHINE")

Hope this helps,

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Hey @Pete_Hartnett -

Is there an article from Tulip University that will teach me how to set this up?

Hey @Jhondy -

There isn’t a university course that hits on this, but thankfully it is pretty straightforward. I will put this on the backlog to become a knowledgebase article.

  1. Hit the windows button
  2. Type in “Powershell”
  3. Double click on “Powershell”
  4. In the powershell terminal, paste `[Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable(“TULIP_PLAYER_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN”, “true”, “USER”)
  5. Click enter.

Now on startup the Tulip player should start fullscreen.