Tulip Player Issues with Multiple Displays

When the Tulip player is running on a secondary (or tertiary) monitor and the user’s laptop is undocked, the player does not snap back to the primary monitor consistently. Closing the player and restarting it results in the player window being opened on the monitor that is no longer connected, with no way to recover the window. I have multiple users reporting this issue, which appears to only be solvable by reconnecting the monitor(s) or rebooting.

Good afternoon Dan, thanks for reporting this. I have filed the issue with our engineering team who is working on a solution. I’ll be in touch on this channel as soon as there are updates and a fix.

Would snapping back to the main screen the behavior you’d expect?

Thanks again for reporting!


We’ve experienced this as well and it can be quite frustrating for our users that move around a lot. A quick fix for it being stuck on the wrong monitor is to:

  • Hover over the icon until the preview shows
  • Right click on the preview and select “Maximize”
  • If that doesn’t snap it back to the main monitor you can then manipulate the window with “Windows Key + Left Arrow/Right Arrow”

Hey Brad and Dan,
Great news that this issue has been fixed very recently, and should no longer be an issue. Thank you for reporting the issue to us! Just make sure to go to check for updates, and there should be one available.