Better Tab Names - Chrome Tab Modifier

Have you run into any annoyance trying to remember what Chrome tab contains each Tulip table, or app? I just found a neat solution. The Tab modifier Chrome plugin can dynamically rename chrome tabs, and we can leverage this to rename tabs to match the table, or app that is open on that tab.


  1. Install the ‘Tab Modifier’ Chrome extension - Tab Modifier - Chrome Web Store
  2. From the Tab Modifier Configuration Page, Select Settings
  3. Click ‘Import Tab Rules’. Import the attached .json file.
  4. Refresh any open Tulip Tabs.

Now each of your tabs will be renamed with either the app, or table name, simplifying navigation between tabs.

Hope this helps,
tab_modifier.json (2.3 KB)

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I was thinking about this just last week! I tend to keep multiple app editors open so I can copy triggers between them. Having to remember which is which is a pain. Thanks for the tip!


Definitely interested in using this with connectors. Since my knowledge of SQL is limited I am usually writing new queries by copying existing connectors then editing with the old one pulled up. This should help keep the tabs in an orderly manner :smiley:

@jjj this version adds support for connector functions!
tab_modifier (1).json (2.7 KB)