Bluetooth Torque Wrench

I have a use case that needs to utilize a Bluetooth torque wrench to send values to Tulip. Are there any device recommendations to achieve this? Any similar use cases?

I dont know about bluetooth, but we use a delvo torque driver and controller to communicate with tulip. It can change its torque on the fly and count the number of torque events on a step. It is a serial communication. I know that Tulip also supports Kolver as well.

@zeiglera, following up from our support team: we don’t currently support bluetooth torque wrenches. Can you tell me more about why this use-case requires bluetooth? We might be able to help you find an alternative.

I suppose we don’t require bluetooth specifically, but a digital torque wrench that can send readings to Tulip through whatever connection(s) is possible.

Hey @zeiglera, this article gives a good overview of the kinds of torque controllers that Tulip supports, let me know if this is enough to get you started.