Bug r276.2: can't copy code from connector

found a strange bug in r276.2:
I can’t copy any code from a data connector as long as it is saved. The clipboard shows only
If the error occur I have to duplicate the connector and then I can copy it.

But not for all connector functions, but most of them.

I can not find any hint what the reason/problem could be.

Tried to restart Chrome/Page/Connector tab without any changes.

puzzling Chris


when will this be fixed?


Hey @ChrisF -

You did catch a regression. Let me see if we can sneak this into the current sprint (which would be released in 279). I will update this thread when we have a fix in place.


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Hey @ChrisF -

We snuck this in, and will be fixed for 279.



As Pete promised, this fix has been included in Release 279 - May 2024. Thanks for bringing this up @ChrisF :slight_smile: