Calculate HEX values into colors

Hi all,
I wish I can set/calculate HEX values into a color.

In a widget it is possible to set the color by HEX too, but not with a trigger function.


@ChrisF - Thank you for the suggestion!

Do you mind explaining more about your use case here? I know you mentioned in this thread you do a quality check of coating color - so is it something like you have multiple coatings/colors you must evaluate so you are looking to enter a HEX code, click a button (which fires a trigger to convert HEX to color RGB), and output a color to compare the coating against?

Hi @Beth ,
yes, for a fast visual quality check, I created a table for RAL and NCS colors.
In the table the color codings are
Name, RGB (Rxxx Gxxx Bxxx), CMYK (Cxx Mxx Yxx Kxx), HEX (#xxxxxx)
After selecting a RAL/NCS color from a drop-down list (or gotten from our ERP) there should be a color preview for a fast comparison check.

And in general: make the possibilities you can use manually for a widget available for trigger functions :wink:

As a workaround I created a custom widget for my use case

I can share this cw after finishing the opacity integration (this is only for fun)



Awesome, thanks for the full explanation! I will make sure this get into the internal ticket we have so the Product Team can fully understand the request :slight_smile:

Would also love to see the custom widget once it’s complete! Would be a great show and tell for the Community :tulip: