Calendar Widget

Tulip currently does not provide a kind of Calendar Widget. For a potential design of this widget,you could inspire yourself with Web ERP.

The user is able to select differents times scales and he can easily re-schedule these tasks.
This is absolutely friendly-user.

Our use case is simple. The short term schedulers want to control their workload and to be able to re-schedule their production order according to multiples parameters ( component availability, operator availability, machine capacity…)


Hello @mathieu.rey,

Thanks for posting, another great idea!!

I agree that using calendars and schedulers is indeed very useful in operations. Out of curiosity, have you tried recreating this functionality using Embedded Tables (records with the resources and columns with the available times)? While the interface is not as seamless as the drag and drop you’re showing in the GIF, it should have most of the functionality. I’d be interested in seeing it if so!!

Nonetheless, this is an awesome idea and I’ve submitted it to our Product team for review.

Thanks again for posting!!


Hi @gio,
I tried to replicate the solution in a table. The main issue i have faced is actually the time scale, precisely ensure to have a dynamic time scale . In the loom record, below i took a simple example with a year calendar, But concerning a Week or a month calendar the lenght is not currently the same and could change according to the date we are focusing.

Calendar Table
good viewing :wink:


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