Graphical calender includes holidays and weekends

Is there any way in Tulip to add a calendar to be visual on screen so the user would be able to click on a day and set an action on it, like working in outlook calendar or anyway else ?
I’m talking about a simple 2d table like that :
Ofcourse depends on current monthly days by dynamic fill up, in this table I will have to add jewish holiday that doesn’t appear anyway in Tulip (you have only chirstians holidays).
This table should be attached to a Tulip table that will contains all data for each day, each day that have an event on it, should be colored by different color than simple day.
I did such screen in VB6 once or even ABAP in SAP but couldn’t find a way to do so in Tulip.

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Hi @Amit, this is great request and a great idea. There’s no out of the box functionality for calendars like this, but this concept is perfect for custom widgets. You might want to x-post this thread in the custom widgets channel to see if anyone has build something like this that they can share.