Camera switch on Safari

Hi, i’m trying to use Tulip player on Safari and take a photo with the back camera but I’m not able to switch camera. I already try the method on this topic (Minor Bug: First Camera Instance After Allowing Camera on iPadOS Can't Be Flipped) but it doesn’t work for me.

If anyone has an other solution ?

Thank you

Hey @Fiora -

We rely on the device to tell us the device has multiple cameras, but sometimes devices don’t do this, even when they have multiple cameras. What is the device model? Setting the device default camera to the back camera should make the Tulip default the back camera.



It’s an iPadOS 14.6

Hmm. Have you verified the camera is accessible from the camera app? Have you ensured the camera is set to allow on all websites?

Settings > Safari > Camera > Set Camera on all websites to “Allow”.


Yes, these settings are good.
I also tried with Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings and take a picture with back camera before running Tulip.

Hmm. Let me connect with our engineering team today and see if we can recreate this behavior on IOS 14.6.


Thank you, i have an other Ipad but 15.5 and it’s the same issue

@Fiora can you try to add the “Barcode Scanner” camera widget to the app and see if that does allow switching between cameras on the iPad?

Actually, i’m allowed to change camera with the barcode scanner and this testing gave me the solution to my problem : the widget was not big enough to see the all the buttons as the switching option is in third position, i thought it was normal to have only two. Change my display and it’s solved ! Thank you