Minor Bug: First Camera Instance After Allowing Camera on iPadOS Can't Be Flipped

Hard to make a concise title for this one haha, but we have a minor bug where right after “allowing” the camera for Tulip, the camera widget does not have the option to switch between the front and rear camera. You have to move to another step and then re-enter the camera step to make the camera switch icon appear. The icon will be present so long as Tulip still has access to the camera, but the issue will re-emerge if access to the camera needs to be allowed again. I have gotten around the issue by just going into Safari and allowing camera access on all websites.

Hey @Ethan ,

Thanks for reporting this bug. I’ve passed this issue along to our engineering team.

That’s great to hear that you found a workaround that resolves it.

Incase anyone else stumbles upon this thread, the setting that needs to be changed is:

Settings > Safari > Camera > Set Camera on all websites to “Allow”.


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