Toggle the camera in the barcode widget

Hi all,
I got a note from our Tulip users, that at the Surface tablet it is not possible to toggle the cameras. During developing I noticed, that there is no toggle as in the normal image input widget.
Can someone tell me if this is a normal behaviour? Or is this depending on the system settings?

Regards Chris

Hi @ChrisF - See Optical Barcode Scanner Change Camera - Product suggestions - Tulip Community - this functionality has just been added :slight_smile: .

Hi Pete,
great news - but have I to set something inside the app? On our surface devices (2 cameras) there is no possibility to switch the camera.
So have I to built a new version with this new widget or will it be updated automatically?

Thanks Chris

@ChrisF You will see the new functionality automatically if the device has more than one camera attached. I believe you only see the camera switcher in the Player. This is starting with release r227 which should be available now. Take a look, if you still don’t see it, let us know!

Hi Pete,
thanks for the great news, but I have to check the devices why I can’t toggle the camera at our surfaces.
Can this be a bug?
Left: Image widget - right Barcode widget with the default orientation

Regards Chris

Hi Pete,
I testet the barcode widget again and there is no possibility / toggle-button to toggle the camera from back to front as I can see in the image widget.
Unfortunality the barcode widget uses the back camera, so the employees have to rotate the tablet :frowning: So can you investigate this behaviour?
Regards Chris

If you have not already done so, ensure that both the front and rear camera are available and detected in Windows. The “flip” camera button actually just toggles through the list of each available cameras. For example, built-in front camera, built-in rear camera, USB webcam.

Open the Camera app and see if you are able to use “Change camera” there (How to use the Camera app). If you can’t switch cameras there, it’s likely a driver or permissions issue.