Optical Barcode Scanner Change Camera

We are trying to use the optical barcode scanner with a Microsoft Surface tablet. It has 3 cameras installed and the scanner is defaulting to the rear facing camera instead of the forward facing camera.

Please add a “Change Camera” button to the optical barcode scanner widget similar to the change camera button on the “Camera” widget.

Hi @Alinator -

Have you tried disabling the back camera on the tablet itself? I don’t know for sure, but it seems like Tulip would default to a different camera if the back camera was disabled. I found some instructions to do this online here: [https://helpdesk.psionline.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360054705112-RPNow-Enable-Disable-Rear-Camera-on-Surface-Pro-Devices]

Hi @Alinator @japrice - I am happy to report that you can now switch cameras in the Barcode Scanner Widget!

This is available to some customers now and should be available to all by the end of the month.

Awesome, thanks! This will be a nice addition to the Scanning widget.

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