Connect camera to iPad 9th Gen


im using latest version of Tulip player on IOS, version 2.1.3.
iPad is also at the latest version (iPadOS 16.5)

Tulip is not showing up as an option in settings>Security>Camera to request access for Camera use.

is there a way to fix this?

thank you

Hi @knowlec, checking into to let you know that I’ve shared this with the team that manages player and we should have an update soon.

thank you John appreciate the update

Hi @knowlec,

The app will not show up in the Settings>Security>Camera list until the App had actually tried to access the camera.
To make the Tulip Player Mobile app request for camera permissions, you need to start a Tulip App that has some camera based input widgets such as the Barcode scanner widget under Camera menu or Image widget under Input menu. Alternatively, you can also try the Mobile Camera app from the Tulip Library

When run for the first time, you would see a popup asking for Camera permission and after that, Tulip Player would begin showing up in Settings>Security>Camera.