Can't use Operator or Station data types in queries?

I recently setup a new table to record production events and I included the logged in user and station (native data type, not a text representation) with the assumption that I could then use those in a query filter.

That doesn’t appear to be possible. Have I missed something? This seems like an obvious use case.

Hey Richard,

I just made a simple Tulip Table to test this out myself, and it appears I can make a query by User but didn’t see an option to make a query by station. I can ask the product team about that!


I’m on LTS 10 so perhaps part of this has been corrected in a later release.


Is there any update regarding this topic?
I can confirm that “Workstation” as datatype cannot be used in query or filters.


@kefl Thanks for reaching out!

We have this on the radar. But there is currently no timeline as to when the behavior will be changed.

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Hello @stefan,

Thank you for your answer. As a complement, a workstation variable cannot be selected in an expression (@variable).