Check box size of multiple select widget

When using Multiple Select widget and display as a menu, you get checkboxes that you can sign on left of values, that is great, the values are save in an array and you can make loop to make whatever you need with them.
BUT, those checkboxes are so small that users have to be very closed to screen to see that they are signed and there is no posibility by attributes of the widget to make them larger, please add this attribute.

There is an attribute to enlarge font of value but size of checkbox is not changing even if you make the font very large (like 100 for example), so, or you will add an attribute for the checkbox size or change it’s size depend on value size.

Thank you,
Amit Berku

Hi @Amit, this exact topic was actually just brought up by another user yesterday. I’m going to post that thread here and lock this one so that we can keep this request focused. Please feel free to add more context and thoughts here: